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Safe Journey Management

Staff are the most significant asset in any company. Preventing injury to them is not only an employer’s responsibility, it also makes good business sense,’ Craig Blinco, Global Head of Safe Journey Management, Stirling Group

Many organisations recognise the importance of safe journey management but not necessarily proportionate to the risk. Driver behaviours such as speeding, not wearing seatbelts, using mobile phones, and lifestyle choices which contribute to fatigue, are the principal factors in motor vehicle crashes.


Stirling Group are focussed on developing integrated door to door solutions that not only monitor driver behaviour and vehicle location, but also monitor the workforce whilst away from home or base location on any journey. Integrated personnel and asset tracking and monitoring solutions are our speciality.


Safe Journey Management is a technically specialist field and risk mitigation requires a tailored approach by qualified experts with access to the latest information and technology.


Our integrated solutions incorporate procedural controls, compliance tools, monitoring technology, and behaviour based training, protecting personnel from the risks associated with all journeys. Stirling Group delivers results in the safety of journey management through consultancy services, training design and delivery, in vehicle monitoring systems, and 24/7 global fleet and personal monitoring services.


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