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Fire & Rescue Service Recruitment and Manpower

The establishment and management of on scene Fire & Rescue services is an expensive undertaking, which requires organisations to move into areas which are not their core expertise. From selection, recruitment and training through to continued personal development of qualified firefighters, Stirling Group provides a cost effective solution.

Stirling Group offer expert trained and qualified manpower, ranging from single fire and rescue specialists to a team. These include fire investigation personnel, technicians, auditors and fire chiefs. We deliver fully managed private fire brigades. We work with clients on timescales and durations of mobilisation and deployment, including short-fixed term or long semi-permanent arrangements, to meet specific requirement and expectations.

As an example Stirling Group trained 50 Iraqi nationals as firefighters. They are now fully established as a brigade, which we manage, on an oilfield in Southern Iraq and we continue to train up to 100 additional recruits each year.


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