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Qualitative and Quantified Risk Assessment


Engineering design requirements for hazardous facilities are becoming increasingly challenging, with organisations demanding the highest levels of safety integrity as well as higher production throughputs and greater flexibility.

Stirling Group undertakes skilled assessment to provide a robust demonstration of the adequacy of engineering designs and the effectiveness of safety systems. The aim is to provide a facility or operation with a level of defence that is proportional to the associated risk. Assessments can demonstrate that not all single failures will compromise the safety function and we ensure that best use is made of segregation, redundancy and diversity.


Formal safety assessments are increasingly being demanded throughout high hazard industries. Stirling Group’s approach delivers the required safety benefits where needed. The systematic identification and evaluation of the likely consequences and expected frequency of hazardous events is a major input to the risk management decision-making process.

Stirling Group has an established reputation in quantifying risk, from quick, coarse studies to detailed assessments. Many of our consultants have design, operations and management backgrounds, and their experience looks beyond the final numbers to interpret the results, communicate the implications and provide real and practical recommendations for improvement.


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