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Risk and Process safety

The likelihood of a major accident should be very small but the consequences could be so catastrophic that the risks are high,” Eur Ing Peter Waite, MA MSc C Eng C Math FIChemE FIMA MIGEM CDipAF, Stirling Group.

The effective management of risk and process safety is one of the first priorities in any project. Production facilities, power stations, processing plants and renewables sites are usually complex and located in environments that can be hostile with potential for health and safety issues, negative environmental impact or loss-making downtime.


Stirling Group’s risk & process safety (RPS) team provides a comprehensive service for identifying, assessing and managing risks to businesses, industries and public sectors. The ability to predict, prevent or mitigate undesirable events is the single most important factor in achieving business success in industry.


The RPS team works hand-in-hand with our other service lines to ensure effective risk management is a key feature of every project throughout the lifecycle of the asset, from initial concept through full-scale production to decommissioning.


Stirling Group’s approach is multi-disciplinary and challenges conventional thinking. We encourage clients to approach project design from fresh perspectives and ensure pivotal decisions are based on a clear understanding of the integrity issues involved.

Specific areas of work Stirling Group undertakes include:

  • Risk mapping
  • Process safety
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Project safety and safety engineering
  • Operational safety
  • Reliability and availability analyses.



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