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Incident Management Centres

Stirling Group design, build and operate Incident Management Centres (IMC), to support emergencies. Each IMC includes:

  • A 24/7/365 operated Emergency Control Room
  • A fully equipped Incident Management Room
  • A Business Support Room for senior client representatives
  • A Relative Response Room
  • A Media Response Room
  • Specialist break out rooms
  • Kitchen, restrooms and rest areas.

All IMCs are equipped with modern information management and display systems, command and control technology, asset tracking and situation awareness systems, and duplicate telecommunication systems. Hunt telephones are provided for relatives and media responders. Uninterrupted power supply and backup generators are also provided, and data is backed up offsite. A standby facility is also established nearby, but on a different grid. Whilst not as sophisticated, it is suitable as a backup in the unlikely circumstances that the main facility becomes unavailable.


We provide Incident Command System (ICS) trained responders to cover key positions within the IMT, including the Team Leader, but would always need a client representative available to authorise decisions thus fulfilling their obligations as duty holder. In addition, we provide full Relative Response Teams and Media Response teams.


For organisations needing direct support at their facilities we provide responders who mobilise to the client facilities from our global network of responders. Their primary role is to fill critical gaps in specific areas and enhance a company’s response. Examples include:

  • Oil Spill Specialists
  • Family Liaison Representatives
  • Relative Responders
  • Evacuation Reception at remote locations
  • Media responders
  • IMT members
  • Fire Specialists
  • Marine and Aviation specialists


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