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Care for People (CfP)

In every organisation people are the most important asset, and their wellbeing is paramount to the success of the business. Employee grief costs organisations $75 billion annually – (Grief Recovery Institute Educational Foundation, 2003).

The effect of a major incident is far reaching. The primary people are those who suffer directly from catastrophe, secondary are the family members, close friends and colleagues who develop symptoms vicariously, and the tertiary casualties are the personnel who are affected as a result of their post-impact assignments.

Stirling Group offers in-depth knowledge and training for managing HR issues in response to an incident, providing:

  • HR Responders
  • Responding to Relatives (R2R ©)
  • Family Liaison
  • Family Facing Awareness
  • Breaking Bad News
  • Evacuee Reception Centres
  • Psychosocial Care
  • Offshore Crisis Intervention Skills
  • Safe Talk


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