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The need to “think the unthinkable” has very significant connotations for industry, insurers and government. It is not something that can just be recognised without the necessary investment to address it," Jim Walker, Technical Director, Stirling Group

The importance of preparing for, responding to and managing emergencies cannot be underestimated. As energy companies’ move into more remote, hostile and challenging environments in their quest to expand their reserves of untapped hydrocarbons, they are exposed to ever increasing risk.


Exploration in environmentally sensitive areas, operating in deep waters, working with high temperature and high pressure wells, or sour gas, or in extreme weathers all significantly increases risk. It can also attract intense media scrutiny and with it the potential for lobbying groups such as environmentalists which can cause serious disruption and adverse media coverage.


Stirling Group’s Crisis and Continuity Management (CCM) team establish the necessary emergency response and crisis management arrangements to allow organisations to respond effectively and responsibly to any incident. Working at the Operational (site), Tactical (supporting office) and Strategic (corporate) levels, we review risks, produce plans, organise resources, and provide training and exercises to ensure arrangements work in the face of adversity. We also provide incident management facilities and responders on behalf of clients.


But it’s not over when the fire is out. The majority of businesses fail to recover after a major incident due to a lack of business continuity planning. Stirling Group conducts full Business Impact Assessments and establishes fit for purpose Business Continuity Plans for all sizes and types of company.


Our teams are widely experienced, from offshore and site operations, through to the Board Room, and are able to advise on the application of all relevant Regulations, including PFEER, COMAH, SOLAS, and IMO amongst others. We are working with companies to advise on the European Union offshore directive and the implementation of the new 2015 offshore regulations.


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