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Crisis Continuity and Emergency Response training, Southern Iraq


In 2013, Stirling Group was contracted to provide Crisis Continuity and Emergency Response services for a Joint Venture between BP and Petrochina, operating in Southern Iraq at Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO). The ROO oilfield is the second largest in the world, with over 1000 employees, both expatriate and local nationals.

Crisis and Continuity Management Solution:


The contract is over three phases, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
During its first operational year the project focused on:

  • Development of the Business Continuity Plans and solutions
  • Reviewing existing Emergency Response Plans (ERP’s)
  • Developing ERP’s for new operational sites
  • Delivery of Incident Management Team (IMT) & Business Support Team (BST) training and exercises
  • Rotational cover on 28/28 basis for CCM&ER Director

During its second operational year, the project focused on the:

  • Initiation and delivery of Incident Management Team (IMT), Business Support Team (BST), and Business Continuity Team (BCT) training
  • Development and delivery of ROO facility emergency plan, drills and exercise programmes
  • Development of a fire muster system and policy for ROO headquarters including creation of an iPad application for the system
  • Simultaneous delivery of two exercises for the IMT in Iraq and the BST in London, to proof major exercises and their procedures, and identify/fix any gaps

The third phase features the:

  • Development of integrated IMT and BST exercises that will be held quarterly in both locations
  • Initiation of site and tabletop exercises for 14 degassing stations across the ROO oilfield
  • Delivery of on-scene commander training at over 40 various sites at ROO oilfield


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