Safe Journey Management

Road Traffic Incidents are the most common threat to our clients and occur on a regular basis, disrupting operations and incurring costs. Stirling Group has developed a range of complete safe journey management solutions to mitigate this most prevalent threat and ensure that our clients are able to move their staff and assets safely and securely.

Our proven expertise in the inter-related services of driver training, tracking, whole fleet management and emergency response ascertains that our clients can outsource management solutions to a trusted partner.

We provide Safe Journey Management services from whole fleet and multiple fleet solutions to individual driver training courses. Our skilled road safety instructors up-skill client staff and establish efficient safe journey management systems, while our safe journey management teams integrate into our clients’ operations.

Stirling Group’s Safe Journey Management services mitigate the risks associated with road travel and protect our clients’ personnel and assets. Safe Journey Management includes assessing the risks to clients and establishing countermeasures to reduce them. While our solutions are client-specific, this often includes vehicle maintenance, driver training, policy establishment and implementation of safe journey systems, and the design and use of procedures in the event of an incident.

Our partnership with SecureLocate™, a leading global provider of Tracking, Emergency Response, Crisis Management and Fleet Management solutions, enhances Stirling Group’s Safe Journey Management solutions.

SecureLocate™ empowers clients to accomplish full HSSE compliance through its asset and risk monitoring capability. SecureLocate™’s In Vehicle Monitoring Solutions (IVMS) allows the user, or a third party, to track a single vehicle or fleet of vehicles’ location, as well as collect pre-determined data. This data can be relayed to SecureLocate™’s 24/7 Global Operations & Communications Centre (GOCC) and the clients’ base(s) of operations in real time.




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Our standards are set by the United Kingdom's Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).